Friday, May 21, 2010

Lets ask the four legged kids

We currently have four furry children... or atleast pets who think that they are our children. They tend to be the center of attention at home. Little do they know, when the baby comes home their lives will change.
Are they ready?
Mocha~ the oldest cat is five. I think she enjoys her role as the oldest and dominant one. She has been caught napping on the adoption paperwork. This leads me to believe one of the following: either she is so comfortable with the idea she dreams about the baby while napping on the paperwork... or she doesn't want to share the house with anyone else so she is trying to keep us from the papers.

Moses~ is three and sweet as can be. According to history he likes to sniff babies and then return to "his" closet. He doesn't seem to have an opinion.

Riley~ is two and going to be a great dog for her baby and is known to welcome everyone. Walks will be more difficult with two dogs and a stroller, good thing she is David's super star. She loves kids, especially when they drop food on the floor.

Bruno~ is almost two and he is my baby... a very needy baby. I am pretty sure he thinks he is a human baby. Maybe that is because when he was a puppy I carried him in a baby sling. He will just have to adjust to being a big boy when the time comes.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Don't Pity Me

I know too well that people automatically want to feel sorry for me at the mention of our adoption plans. They assume: I must not be able to have children, adoption is a second choice, or international adoption is a last resort. If you are thinking this, you are mistaken. Please don't waste a second pitying me. Instead, think about the hungry, homeless, hurting, and hopeless people in the world. Pity will not benefit them but prayer and action will. There are so many ways to change the life of another person, do something. Change the World.
It is true that prior to fully pursuing adoption I had experienced infertility. "Our" plan was to have a couple kids while we are young and adopt when we got older and had the finances to do so. What I have experienced has molded me into who I am today, and I am so thankful for the lessons and struggles. I fully embrace the plan God has for my life and am love love loving it. Throughout the almost two years of trying I couldn't ignore my heart and God's call for adoption. Though I had often heard that couples couldn't adopt internationally until they were 30, I began to research our options full force. We found that just a couple of countries and agencies will allow 23 year olds. Perfect! I am 23 and David is 24! Along with adoption always being on my heart, I have also had a strange almost obsession with Africa. God is awesome like that, by placing two things in my heart that I didn't necessarily see related to the other. Now I am seeing The Big Picture as Africa and adoption align just perfectly in His plan. His promise of motherhood never meant I had to get pregnant. When I was just a child, God gave me a heart and a vision for His children-the orphans of the world. I have always loved adoption and the miracle of a child growing in my heart. Adoption means so much to me, just as I have been adopted as a child of God.
An adopted child is not a consolation prize. I know people have good intentions, but I am really sick of people saying "You know you will get pregnant now that you are adopting." I think I understand what they are trying to say; but to me it sounds like this- "God will bless me with what I really want (pregnancy) if I do something good (adopt)." God is blessing me now, and adoption is the desire of my heart. My heart has never been so full of joy, peace, and contentment. I will rejoice in any way that the Lord adds to my family. I am not opposed to getting pregnant, but not grieving about it either. After all, there are 143 million children who need the love of a family.