Thursday, October 27, 2011

Lucy and Jude are Coming Home.

In my last post I told you all that we might be leaving as early as the 23rd... well we are still here. Though, this morning we received a notice for our embassy appointment, which is scheduled for November 8th. We are still waiting to find out our exact travel dates.

For the last three months that we've been home (without them) I'd walk around the house, sit in their bedroom and just think to myself how incredible it will be to have them here, in our house. It still seems unreal, I can't imagine their sweet heads on their pillows, the precious voices ringing through the house, sitting down as a family of four for dinner. Life in the Rogers house is going to change drastically and we couldn't be more excited.

We are so thankful for this adoption journey and all that God has taught us through it. Now we are ready to start a new chapter of our lives. Our family, all together, at home. Praise the Lord.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Oh Babies!

We've been anxiously awaiting news and dreaming about the day we travel back to Ethiopia to have our babes in our arms forever. Somedays it would feel like I'd made up the memories in my mind... that we'd had this fantasy trip to Ethiopia, met two amazing children, and that it was all a dream. I would have to watch the videos we took of our precious children and see our family of four to believe that it really did happen and to remind myself that just because they are half a world away didn't mean they aren't coming home.

Since our return from Ethiopia 8 and a half weeks ago I've tried to ready the house for the kids and prepare their room. I've gotten a lot of work done; including transforming a useless and messy unfinished basement into a cute play room. I told myself I didn't want to rush the job, because I didn't want to be sitting around broken hearted with nothing to do, just waiting for them to come home. I believed that God's timing is always perfect and that I'd get the amount of work done I needed each day so that when it was time to go back I would just be finishing up.
I need to kick up the pace, because we should be going back very soon. Our agency said to prepare to leave as early as the 23rd, but also be equally prepared to be waiting several more weeks. Peace continues to reign in our hearts, but joy is abounding as we know that our wait will soon be over.

Our file is at the US Embassy in Ethiopia and anxiously await their review. I'll keep you posted when we hear more.