Thursday, March 31, 2011

We are headed to...

We are headed to.... Denver! Okay that's not that exciting since we already live less than an hour from there now and are there for various things just about every month. Next weekend we are heading to Denver for an adoption conference. We are really looking forward to connecting with other families and hearing from the speakers. The main speaker is Dr. Karyn Purvis. She is the author this fabulous book.

I can't wait to see what we will learn.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Tears and Toys

It seems that life is always filled with a roller coaster of emotions... and tears. Adoption just seems to make the roller coaster seem so much more intense. Through all the ups and downs I can raise my hands up above my head and scream praise to the Lord... without His Providence I'd be burying my face in my hands and begging to get off this crazy ride.
When talking with a friend today (another adoptive mama) she said, "Adoption is much like a marathon, and not a sprint." As much as I knew that already, I needed to hear it again. We can't race to the finish line, honestly because there is not a defined finish. As much as I'd like to hurry to Ethiopia, scoop Jude up in my arms, and love on him. I wait, take each day in stride and know that this journey is a marathon... or an ultra marathon. Hurry up and wait is how it seems to go. Growing our family is a journey and we will be on this adventure for years, there is no need to race through it... after all, I always was into distance rather than sprints.
Today I had tears of joy when I looked at the pictures from this family's blog. I've enjoyed following their journey to their daughter and treasured their advice and wisdom on toddler/preschool adoption.
Toys! I had a very brief trip to my Kansas hometown over the weekend (less than 24 hours) but had a blessed time while I was there. I came home with all of my toys from childhood. My parents had been keeping them in the attic. I also had the privilege of having a hometown friend spend the week with me. We actually opened all of the boxes dressed some of my dolls and reminisced about childhood. Sometimes I can't believe I'm a grown up... about to have kids of my own. I don't know how much Jude will enjoy my dolls, but I sure hope he'll enjoy all of my books. I can't wait to sit and read with him.

Monday, March 14, 2011

...but who is counting?

I used to get obsessed with the monthly update and numbers on the waitlist, okay, maybe I still do to some extent to see that there is still progress. There is new news or rumors everyday regarding the adoption climate and timeframe in Ethiopia. Initially the news of this uncertainty and possibility of it all taking years (on top of the year we have already been on this journey) had me pouring out a pond of tears. I was upset that my timeframe was getting messed up and I had no control over anything. We haven't gotten the official call from AGCI this month because they are super busy with all the new stuff going on in Ethiopia, fortunately they also remain busy contacting families with referrals, court dates, and embassy appointments. God is good, God is Faithful and progress is still happening!
Throughout this past week I have been remembering what my summer camp counselor told me when I was probably about 12---
"When you gain Faith, you lose control."
That sounded pretty scary to me the first time I heard it. I like to be in control, who doesn't? Now I rest assured in my faith that God IS in control, not me, and His plan is perfect. Jude will come home at just the right time. Meanwhile there is much for us to learn and grow through.

Subtracting the referrals that we've heard of (thanks to the ladies that keep track) we are unofficially number 44. Remember, we started at 69 four and a half months ago. I could did try to do some math based on these numbers but stopped calculating. There are 43 families ahead of us, all waiting for children of different ages and we don't have to be number one to get a referral since we are on the list for older and special needs kiddos. I know that my timing is so wrong... this is God's story and we get to live it each day. I can't wait to see what the next page says!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

New Year- New Look

My blog is almost a year old. It was time for a new look. I have no design software... but had the help of a great friend. Doesn't the new blog header look great?

Thanks Alyssa!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Passing Time With Projects

I made these by stretching fabric over stitch hoops, cut the letters out of felt, and stitched them on with matching string. We haven't hung these up yet, (I haven't decided which creative way to do yet) but love seeing his name.

Jude is a part of our family everyday. We talk about him and pray for him. We have a room for him and I have started making things to decorate it with. He is ever present in our hearts and we pray for God to comfort and protect his heart. We haven't seen his sweet face yet but pray for him to know how much we already love him. God's timing is perfect; and while we wait for Jude to come home I have been busy making things for his room.

I found these great images, but didn't want to put them on the wall and not be able to have them when we move so I painted canvas and rubbed them on.
I made this blanket and prayed for him while making it. It makes the connection to a boy across the world so much stronger and real. The giraffe was found on Craigslist!