Thursday, June 10, 2010

Blogging makes me cry

So today I got a chance to catch up on some of the Ethiopian adoption blogs that I follow/stalk. God is doing amazing things. I love to track the progress of others and see them pass court, travel, or post video of their African beauty taking their first steps into their "forever home." It is also hard for me to submerge myself in it, I get anxious and my eyes fill with tears that drip onto my "expecting a special delivery from Africa" T-shirt. I know that everyone endures the long paperwork pregnancy and I need to be patient and content with the lessons God is teaching me right now. But, of course I want to bring my baby home now.
Isn't the Internet a crazy, scary, and wonderful thing? I feel I have a familial connection with people all around the world. The shared bond of Ethiopian adoption or adoption in general. I find it strange/awesome that in a google search I can find so many stories, similar to ours. I really want to meet up with some of these people. Praying for connections. Loving Africa more everyday. Baby, I am coming for you... this is providence!

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  1. LOVE providence. . . so true. love your heart and who you are - and love your sweet baby!