Tuesday, July 13, 2010

One visit down 3 more to go!

We finally met our social worker from Lutheran Family Services. She was great and the time was a blessing. Ahh how I love to talk about adoption, and the way God has prepared our hearts for each of these moments. It was kind of fun answering her questions. An important step forward. (Once we finish the homestudy and the social worker writes the report... it will go through a series of approvals and then we can be put on the waiting list.) Pray with us that there won't be too many, hopefully no hiccups along the way. We will be working as quick as possible to prepare the dossier (massive paperwork for International adoption) in the next few weeks or months... not quite sure yet how that will all work out!
Halleluiah! We are moving forward.
I am praising God today for all the little blessings coming together to make it all happen. Exhausted and rejoicing about all of the extra jobs! Pray with us and for us as we venture into the DEEP paperwork, I hope to escape without too many paper cuts.
Next meeting: Thursday afternoon!

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  1. i have a feeling you will be helping ME learn about all this- I got offered the job in Alabama! I will officially be a birthmother counselor :)