Monday, August 9, 2010

Another Monday, Another Step Closer

Today we received the Adoption Planner from AGCI... it is big, and a little overwhelming. Lots of instructions, pray that we don't mess anything up. Everything has to be perfect, notarized, and if dates/signatures don't match then it won't go through. We plan to quadruple check everything, maybe more. When I better understand what all of the BIG book means I will explain for those of you wondering just what is included. We are done with the home study. It was truly a great experience. Our social worker is completing the report now.

I am finding that the online adoption community is essential in supporting and encouraging us throughout this journey. Thanks to all of you blogger and facebook friends. I am so thankful to be going through this together... as well as blessed by the wisdom from those of you who have traveled this road before us.
I would like to share the Shubin family adoption blog with you. They adopted a three year old boy a while back and are on the journey to a toddler girl now. Erica has been a great encourager and recommended some books for us to read. My amazon order just arrived in the mail today; can't wait to start reading them.

Check out the video of their journey.

We can't wait to meet our son and praying that he will feel the love that is bursting out of our hearts for him.