Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday's are my favorite

I love Sunday's for these reasons:
I get to sleep in a little.
David goes to church early to do the sound board for the band and when I am not singing... I take myself on a date to the Starbucks next door (today a friend joined me!)
Church is always a blessing.
After church I get to *socialize*
When the weather is nice we try to spend part of the afternoon in the beauty of Colorado
Precious time with my husband.
and... Naps!
We went downtown for today's afternoon adventure. The weather started out gorgeous so we walked past most of the stores and browsed just a few.

Then, we went to Poor Richard's one of my favorite local spots in town. It is four businesses all connected; a used bookstore, Pizza place, coffee bar, and adorable toy store.

Here I am reading books in the kids corner.

David and I picked a few for Jude. Eric Carle was always one of my childhood favorites.

The beautiful weather was quickly turning nasty.

The wind picked up and whipped sand and dirt at us.
With dirt in our smiles we arrived at Chipotle for a delicious veggie bowl.


  1. Love Sunday's too! Eric Carle is a must-have :). I am glad you got a few!

  2. Looks like it was a great Sunday!!!