Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Christmas and Catching up... Part 1

Christmas came and went but the celebrating has lasted the season. I think there has been so much celebrating going on around here that I haven't gotten a chance to post, or at least thats the excuse I'm going to use!
Dave's family came from Kansas and Mississippi for Christmas. It was great to have all of the family together to meet Lucy and Jude. David's brother married my best friend so that is always and extra to have her in the family. She is an awesome photographer and did a family session for us on Christmas afternoon. The kids were freezing and sleepy and refused to smile, but they still look beautiful.

And this one is just funny! It shows exactly how they were feeling.
On Christmas Eve we went to church with the whole family.
David and I each got each other a sweater for Christmas, I think its funny that they matched and we didn't even plan it. We really are becoming one, ha!

The kids were less than interested in sitting through the service so we ended up in the kitchen where this kids were sneaking cookies.

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