Monday, April 19, 2010

143 Million

One Hundred and Forty Three Million, CHILDREN, without homes, without families. Yes, that's right, today there are 143 million orphans in the world. Do you know how many 143,000,000 is? Soon the census report will tell us the U.S. population. It is approximately 300 million people. Try and wrap your mind around this, 1/2 of the American population as orphaned children. Ethiopia alone has about 4.4 million orphans. The world is a sad place, full of hurt, hunger and injustice. Lets not forget that because we live in America and don't see this face to face that it isn't happening. It seems like another world, but it's still part of OUR world. Why were we blessed to be born in the U.S? Even in the most unfortunate situations here, there is access to clean water, education, medical care, etc. There is so much more we can be doing. I am not preaching to you, but reminding myself too... that foregoing a Starbucks coffee, delicious frozen custard, t.v, new shoes, whatever can change the life of someone else.
I am a selfish person, I love things, I am not willing to give it ALL away. I am just saying I want to make an honest effort to make a difference, be aware of the world instead of living in ignorance. Sponsoring a child, sending aid money, doing rather than just having intention or "happy thought", adopting are just a few ways to do SoMeThInG. I know that my contributions are just a drop in the bucket of "change."
It isn't all sadness, there is hope in Jesus; His grace and mercy. I ponder the inequality of the world. Why am I so blessed and still complaining? Why are "the least of these" so content with the little or nothing? I don't have answers. My mind is a dangerous machine, it is always spinning and conspiring with my heart. Though it is exhausting just to think and my heart breaks in a million pieces, I am glad that the gears are turning and I will NEVER stop learning.

Be the
CHANGE you wish to see in
A motto to live by.

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