Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Finger Prints

Today we submitted all of the initial paperwork and first payment for our homestudy (which will be done locally by Lutheran Family Services). We went to the Air Force base and took advantage of the Notary Service as well as fingerprinting. For future reference, if you are a military family and adopting, go to the ITT office for fingerprints. Who would have thought? ITT (Information, Tickets, and Travel... vacation planner). We eventually ended up there after being re-directed a few times. Much more work remains, but it is an exciting step. Soon we will have our social worker conducting our homestudy.
...eventually we will have small fingerprints in our home!

As a nanny, fingerprint art is my favorite.

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  1. yay for nannies :) finger print art- and social workers

    here's an update on my life (since i'm updating myself on YOUR life- God put you on my heart tonight :)

    i applied for a job in Birmingham, Alabama
    as a social worker in a Christian adoption agency

    international, domestic, and birth mother counseling
    LifeLine Children's Services.