Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Kids, Curiosity, Cocoa, and Conversation.... and Chili too

On a very cold evening at work last week I got to be a part of one of the most precious conversations. J the eight year old boy was wearing our adoption T-shirt. M his five year old sister asked me to read what it said. I told her Providence, Compassion, Ethiopia, Adoption, Family, Love; and of all of words to question she asked, "What does adoption mean?" I started with the example of how their pets needed a home and so their family adopted them, gave them a home and a family. I know that that is nothing in comparison to the life and need of a child but for the sake of simplicity that is where I began. I told her how the tree in the picture was growing its roots in Africa the continent where my son lives. We talked about where it is on the map. He asked why he didn't live with me and she asked if he grew in my tummy. I tried to give the best and most simplified version that doesn't confuse or worry the hearts of kids. We talked about how he has grown in another mommy's tummy and my love for him has grown in my heart. While sipping their hot chocolate they asked questions that pulled on my heartstrings. What a blessing it is to have a family and how heartbreaking to know that there are 147 million children in the world right now who do not have a family. I cherish these moments with children and look forward to God filling our house with the greatest blessings.

Saturday we went to Denver for the LFS adoption family Chili Fest. I made a huge crock of vegetarian chili, yum! We were able to see some of the other families we met during our training in September as well as get to know a few new people. I LOVE the community that is created through adoption. We are blessed to have other friends who have been and are going through this process. It is nice to network together even if it is just online. Glad to be on the journey!


  1. oyyyyeeee- chili sounds d e l i c i o u s . . .

    Love KIDS. . . they're simplicity, their understanding- their child like FAITH!!!

    and keep leaning on that adoption community. . . they're so vital!

  2. I thought of you on Wednesday because there is an Adoption Month photography exhibit at this coffee shop that I love here!! Your family (including the one we have yet to meet) is my heart always! Love you!