Thursday, December 9, 2010

Gold, Myrrh, Frankincense

Tis the season... The stores are full of shoppers, the mailboxes are full of packages, people are scurrying to get just the "right" gift. All meaning is lost when gifts are given just for the sake of giving a gift; when we have more than we could ever need.

I enjoy aspects of the Christmas season. The lights, trees, seasonal decor and gift giving are all fun; but not what Christmas is all about. Sadly the true reason for the celebration of Christmas is too easily forgotten. It breaks my heart that so many people get so wrapped up in the commercialism and materialism of this season without ever thinking about the greatest gift, Jesus.
Each year Dave and I discuss gift giving and decide to do less than the year before. This year we are trying to only give handmade gifts, gifts that support fair trade, or giving in the name of someone else.
Throughout the adoption process God has been developing a deeper world view in our hearts and minds. We keep learning staggering statistics that can't be ignored. We live a life full of blessings and want to live a life that blesses others for the glory of God.

The sermon series at church this season is Advent Conspiracy and the focus is to Give Presence instead of presents. I am glad that our church is participating in this.

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