Monday, January 31, 2011

Blessing:Free Stuff

I kept telling Dave that we need to buy a bed for Jude. Since we are adopting a toddler I figured we could just skip to a twin sized bed. That way we can lay next to him and comfort him as he goes to sleep. We would look at prices in stores and he would say, "God is going to give us a bed." I still continued to shop around on Craigslist and online sales. Even when I found what I thought was a good deal, Dave would say the same thing. I decided to wait it out and trust in the Lord for a free bed, though I thought it sounded kind of funny.
God did just that, he gave us a twin size bed. A couple of weeks ago we were at small group and one of our friends was telling Dave how they had an extra twin bed in the basement that they needed to get rid of. I am excited about this blessing and again blessed by God's little surprises.

I had purchased the comforter on serious clearance a while back, and found the bedskirt for $5 over the weekend.

We have enjoyed having in set up in the office/Jude's future room. It seems to make it all feel a little more real. I've enjoyed sitting on the bed and praying for the boy across the world who will soon be here.

The animals really like it too.


  1. I'm always amazed by God's little blessings. Some little boy is going to get a wonderful bed along with an amazing family.

  2. That is awesome! The comforter looks great....I had fun shopping with you for it. Wish I could be there to see it and help more! My little Moses buddy is so cute on the bed there....I miss him!