Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Thursday in Ethiopia

Thursday started out with a trip to the market, which I think was mostly a tourist stop, but nonetheless we were able to purchase some super cute things for our kids.
We got two outfits for each of the kids to grow into.

We also got a few cute toys.
I got some beautiful scarves, paper bead necklaces, and a traditional coffee ceremony dress. After shopping we had lunch at a delicious Italian restaurant that had a beautiful art gallery, Makush in it. After lunch we had a short stop at the hotel and headed back to Hannah's Hope for an afternoon with our babies. When we arrived our kids were napping. It was so precious to walk in and see their sweet heads resting on their pillows. I was able to place my hands on each child and pray for them. That quiet moment was so perfect and so beautiful to reflect on the months... years really, of waiting and praying for our child(ren) in Ethiopia. It was somewhat surreal, we were finally there staring at our little loves. Such a blessed miracle.
I'm realizing now that I should have journaled while I was there, but I just couldn't seem to do it. I was exhausted and emotionally overwhelmed. As I look back the days are starting to blur together. It must have been on Wednesday, but our kids stayed up through their nap time and we had sweet family time. Our precious children were too tired to stay awake all afternoon and each of us got special snuggle time. Little man was snuggled up to me in the wrap, I tucked my iPod in the pouch and played "Hey Jude" he fell asleep almost immediately.
Dave was holding our little miss when she snuggled up closer and rested her head on his shoulder and fell asleep too. These moments were so perfect. Oh how I miss my babies.

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