Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Five Weeks

It has been five weeks since we returned home, since we left Ethiopia, and since we said good bye to our sweet kids.
I started recounting the journey on here several weeks ago, but couldn't seem to finish. I think it is because I'd didn't want to step back into the pain of the last day, the heartbreak of saying goodbye.

-Five weeks later, I am ready to tell you about our last two days in Ethiopia

Friday we boarded the van with our group and ventured to the court house. It was a less than pleasant ride. I'm claustrophobic already, and we were stuffed so tight into a tiny van to travel what seemed like an hour across Addis. Upon arriving at the court house there was a lot of waiting involved and then suddenly we were called into the court room. We answered a few questions and were done. We knew that we would more than likely not pass court due to a missing document that has to be written by a group in Ethiopia. They have been behind the court schedule for quite a while. Other than that, our case is clear. Unfortunately our court appointment was the last one before the courts closed for over two months. Our case can not be finalized until they reopen in mid October. After court we spent the rest of the day with our kids.... falling more in love with them and praising God for making us their parents. So blessed.

Saturday was our last day with the kids. We were able to spend most of the day at HH. It was by far the most blessed and precious day with the kids. We were able to see more of their sweet personalities coming out, they were less shy and full of hugs and kisses. After bathing the kids and cuddling with them our driver arrived and motioned for us to go. Instantly my heart started breaking. We found an English speaking staff member and asked her to tell our kids a message for us to help explain why we wouldn't be back the next day. She then found our daughters good friend who speaks our kids first language. So from us, to the staff, to a five year old, to our kids... this is what we hope was not lost in translation. "Mommy and Daddy love you so much, we have to go home to America and get our home ready for you, get you a bed and clothes, and to tell everyone we know about how wonderful you are, we love you and we will be back as soon as we can." ~tears are streaming as I type this over five weeks later. It was seriously the hardest moment of my life.
Little man seemed distracted by a toy, but our girl got a sad look on her face hugged us both and I bent to kiss her head and we walked out the door. I turned and looked over my shoulder she was sitting on her bed with the scrapbook I made for her. It is our prayer that they look at the pictures of us often, do not forget our faces, and feel our love through the many miles.
~Please pray with us that they will be comforted by God's perfect peace and know His love and ours, and that the case can be finalized quickly when the courts reopen so we can bring them home.

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