Wednesday, October 13, 2010

FedEx is fast!

At 5:23 last night we had handed FedEx had our completed dossier, said a prayer, and asked them to deliver it to our international agency, AGCI, in Portland, Oregon. This morning, before I could even post about yesterday's events, our case worker called and said she already has it! Less than 18 hours after handing over to FedEx. Tomorrow it will be reviewed and we should be on the waiting list!

This week has been a...
and it's only Wednesday! I was feeling the pressure and more than a little stressed about getting all of the dossier completed and submitted.

God is good and active.

We're thankful for His everyday miracles revealed throughout this process.

Sorting.Stacking.Praying....and Teary eyed

So much has gone into this.
Now we wait for the greatest gift imaginable.

So many emotions

the glorious finished product

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  1. beautiful! love your added extra touch- let that light shine, girl! and loving all the pictures- your little one will thank you for every step of the journey