Monday, October 18, 2010

An Invitation, Revisions, and Peace

More fingerprints? Yes. We received the official invitation and appointment for biometrics fingerprinting for the completion of our USCIS approval. Our appointment is in Denver on November 8th.

I spoke with our caseworker this morning and she is not sure why we weren't contacted on Friday, but our dossier does need a few easy revisions and then we will be able to say it is really done. I can't wait to say that!

God has blessed my heart with such an enormous amount of peace about all of this. I know that my doubting self will not remain this calm as we wait, and wait; but at this time I have such peace. Trusting in His beautiful plan and continuing to dream about the beautiful children that will be joining our family. Our child, or children, will be here exactly when they are supposed to be here.

Now, if God would just tell us when that is... that would be awesome. But then we would miss out on all He has to teach us during this time.

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  1. sooo awesomeeeee!!!!!!!! LOVE your peace in this- He is SO Sovereign . . .