Monday, March 7, 2011

Passing Time With Projects

I made these by stretching fabric over stitch hoops, cut the letters out of felt, and stitched them on with matching string. We haven't hung these up yet, (I haven't decided which creative way to do yet) but love seeing his name.

Jude is a part of our family everyday. We talk about him and pray for him. We have a room for him and I have started making things to decorate it with. He is ever present in our hearts and we pray for God to comfort and protect his heart. We haven't seen his sweet face yet but pray for him to know how much we already love him. God's timing is perfect; and while we wait for Jude to come home I have been busy making things for his room.

I found these great images, but didn't want to put them on the wall and not be able to have them when we move so I painted canvas and rubbed them on.
I made this blanket and prayed for him while making it. It makes the connection to a boy across the world so much stronger and real. The giraffe was found on Craigslist!


  1. You're so creative! I love everything.

  2. Wow! The decor rocks! LOVE IT ALL!! So talented!

  3. Praying for you guys - and Jude! You are right that God's timing is perfect....I can't wait to hear the news that he will be coming home.
    ~Jenny Penney