Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Passing Time With a Past Time

The waiting is going well. We've been on our waiting list almost eight months, and honestly we thought that we would have a referral by now (based on our parameters and what we were told in the beginning). We have officially passed the 1/2 way mark though. We started out at number 69 and are now 34! Each day we must trust in God's plan and timing and are content with it (most of the time).
In my spare time I've been keeping myself busy with books, crafts, and fellowship. I have dabbled in just about every craft. I am now about to embark upon a new and exciting adventure... my first quilt! I'm hoping that it will become a past time and not a frustration. What time could be better than now. I went to the local quilting shop and picked up some adorable fabrics for our precious son.
Now I just need to go visit my sweet little sister in law and get started. She is 15 and a quilting genius. I'm glad to have peace in my heart and projects in my hands.

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