Sunday, July 17, 2011

Referral: God's Timing is Perfect

-I am a few days behind on posting about the amazing news that changed our lives. As I've mentioned earlier, David and I are living in different states for the summer. I've been living with and learning from an amazing adoptive family... and David is at home in Colorado. Wednesday seemed just like any other summer day--
--but then my phone rang in the evening. I saw that is was B our case manager at AGCI. I figured she was calling for our bi-monthly update and check-in. I answered the phone and she asked if I had a little bit of time to talk about a girl and a boy~!~!~ Whoa, did I hear her right? We tried to conference call David but were unable to get ahold of him. After a few attempts, I called the neighbor across the street and had her knock on our door and tell David to call.
---By the time we were both on the phone with B she told us that the power had gone out at the office... so we waited about 25 minutes and then we were all together on the phone. She started to tell us about about a 4 year old girl and her 18 month old brother. Excitement and anticipation grew like crazy as she told to log in to our email as she was about to send us documents...
----Then, the server was down at her office. We waited, and waited, and waited some more. We finally started to realize that we were not going to see the information or pictures of our babies until Thursday.
-----And here is another reason why our GOD is GREAT and His timing is PERFECT. David was already planning to drive to Kansas (my home town) and pick me up Thursday night. So, when we finally were able to receive the email we were together. We read all of the information (which is our children's story and is confidential). We said YES! Surprised and elated, we knew that these were our children that God has been preparing our hearts for. We then had to wait 15 minutes or so for her to compress all the info and finally send us their precious pictures.
----Because we are silly and were starving we went to a Mexican restaurant down the street that we love. Sitting down in our booth we opened the pictures on my phone and saw our kiddos beautiful faces for the first time. That restaurant will be a place of celebration for years to come I think.
---Like I've said a million times before, God's timing is perfect! I've spent the weekend back at home in Colorado with David. We've been busy completing the referral acceptance paperwork and dreaming about life with the littles at home.
--Tomorrow our paperwork will be headed to our agency and I will head back to Kansas for four more weeks.
-We do not know when we will receive a court date and meet our children.... of course we pray that it is soon, but fully trust in God's timing. Until they are legally adopted we can not post any pictures, but I assure you... they are precious!


  1. SO SUPER excited for you all!!! God's timing is perfect... praying you get a court date soon!!! WOW! so super exciting!

  2. I'm new to your blog, but we are just beginning our dossier process with AGCI. Praising God with you for his perfect timing!!!! God bless your family!! :D

  3. YAY, Stacy!!! I loved reading your referral story!!! I am so excited for ya'll and your precious children!!! Praise God!!!

  4. Wahoo!!! This is just the best news ever! LOVE it!