Friday, September 23, 2011

Fun Facts For Friday

1. I have a stupid obsession with titling my posts using alliteration.

2. We went to court in Ethiopia 7 weeks ago. (not fun, since we haven't held our loves for 7 weeks)

3. When our daughter was born: I was 20, Dave was 21 and parenting was just about the last thing on our minds.

4. When our daughter was born I was probably studying for finals and preparing for college graduation.

5. She is one month older than our marriage.

6. In the month our son was born, God was speaking into our hearts and moving us to begin the adoption process.

7. Around our son's first birthday God spoke into our hearts again, and we changed our parameters from up to 48 months to 54 months. (our little princess wouldn't have been ours had we not changed our paperwork)

8. I've been collecting African decor for years and always said, "Someday, I'll decorate my son's room with this." I didn't know yet that he'd be born in Africa.

9. Since the best surprise ever, A DAUGHTER, I've been making the room we had prepared for our son 1/2 girly. Woohoo for purple!

10. We've always known we would adopt. So in love with God's plan for our family, it is beautiful and blessed.

--This is Providence-- the theme for our family. Love it so much I wear it on my skin.


  1. Praying you hear great news soon :) Love your facts.... :)

  2. Love this post!! It is so awesome how God works everything out quietly in the background, just waiting for the perfect moment to give us the WOW factor! Hope we hear some great news soon!! :)

  3. I remember all the African Safari stuff we bought together to decorate when you were 17! Zeek!