Tuesday, July 26, 2011


It seems so easy to put God in a box and say "God, this is what I need right now." A friend and I were talking about this at dinner this evening.

Throughout this adoption we have been blessed to see miracles happen. The blessings have been incredible and I know many more have taken place that we haven't even noticed.

We could be praying (and have) "We could really use more money to pay for the plane tickets" BUT that's not exactly what we need. It's just one way to take care of the real issue of needing to get to Ethiopia.

Rather, we should be praying "God, we trust that you want the best for our family and that you are in control. And, we will be ready to seize the opportunities you put in front of us."

We do ask that God influences our court dates to have days on both sides that will cause the flights to be cheaper. Or that the tickets are booked at just the right time so that they are cheaper than they otherwise would have been. Or when we get to the airport and travel we make the best decisions and don't make costly newbie traveler choices. Or that we are smart and don't pack to much and incur extra charges for too much luggage. Or that a flight on the way home is overbooked and when we offer to take the next flight they say "Here's two tickets for anywhere anytime." Now that's what I'm talking about. Those are some of the ideas I'm giving God but I'm certainly not going to put Him in a box.

We are excited to see how the rest of our adoption journey unfolds. We're getting closer.

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