Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Dream

Last night I had a silly little dream that filled my heart with happiness. I've tried so many times to visualize meeting our children for the first time... but have no idea of how how it will be. We pray that God will fill the moment with blessing and His glory will be evident in each moment. We pray that all of our hearts will be connected and that our babes will know how deeply we love them.
--but last night I had a dream that we walked in the gates of the transition home and our little girl came up to me, smiled, and said, "Mama... I like your fingernails". In the dream my nails were purple!
--and our sweet little man held his arms up to David and said, "Papa, hold me."

Obviously, it isn't going to happen like this... they don't speak English yet, haha. Though I think I will paint my fingernails purple for the occasion. We are so excited to see how it unfolds and overjoyed that we will be with them in under a week.

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