Thursday, November 3, 2011

...and this is your new home.

Sweethearts, this is our backyard. We know how much you love the swings at Hannah's Hope. This is how it will look one day...

And the next, it might be cold and snowy, like this. Colorado weather is CrAzY!

We will have to cuddle up in the playroom I've made and enjoy your toys and books.

This is your bedroom. We love you dearly and pray that your hearts and bodies will find rest in this place.

I made pillows for each of your beds, okay I didn't really make the elephant one.

Our dog Riley likes to warm the beds up for us, she is so excited you are coming home.

Hooded towels are awesome and you are going to look so cute!

*I made a photo book for the kids to look at in the hotel as a "what to expect" for the transition home. I included pictures of the airport, airplanes inside and out, and our home. It is our prayer that this will ease some of their anxiety about all the changes that will be occurring in their lives. After all, we don't speak the same language...yet!


  1. We are seriously SO excited for you guys! Can't wait to see pictures of you with your babies VERY soon!

  2. Stacy and David, we are so excited for t four of you! We are praying for a safe journey home, and cannot wait to see them in these pictures!


  3. Love their bedroom, and the photo book for the hotel is a great idea! I may have to do the same...looks like we'll get there right after you leave! Have a safe trip and a wonderful time with your sweeties!! I would love to see their faces when they see you again! Tell our boys we're coming.... :)

  4. This all looks so wonderful! (I love the afghans!!) And the picture book is such a wonderful idea. Can't wait to see those kiddos!!