Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day 2, Full and Final

The kids are doing great and adjusting beautifully. Today we had our appointment at the US Embassy. The kids were patient while we waited and loved the bus ride. The appointment accomplished exactly what we came for. The official said, "Your adoption is now full and final." Those are words we've been longing to hear for so long.
Here are some fun and funny things about the kids. Lucy has taken 4 baths in 2 days. She loves the water and sprays herself in the face with the hose and laughs... and I had worried they'd hate the bath. Jude also enjoys it but doesn't ask for more than one a day. His favorite thing to do though is wash his hands, over and over and over... again and again. We've named the game soapy sink. They are calling us by name. Lucy says mommy and daddy, and Jude says mama and baba. We have random dance parties and the kids love our iphones. They will hold them to their ear and listen to music and dance, so cute! (unfortunately the charger is temporarily MIA... this could get ugly)
I'm pretty sure Lucy has learned more English in 2 days than I learned of Spanish in 2 years. They are so bright and beautiful. God is working in their lives and bringing healing. It is an incredible experience to see them learn and begin to trust us. I don't know if she knows what it means yet or if she's repeating it because I've said it 3000 times... but Lucy will whisper "I lub ywo" in my ear. Jude is fascinated with his daddy's beard and hair. He rubs his hands and his face against it and has the most infectious giggle.
We haven't been able to take many pictures, which makes me sad... but this is because the kids see the camera and want to take it and then they fight over it. I'm thinking I need to get them their own little cheap digital cameras.

Now the we've heard "full and final" I can post pictures! These are from the first trip.

More to come, but with this spotty internet it takes five minutes to load one photo.


  1. YAY, Stacy!!! So happy for ya'll! They are so adorable!!! Can't wait to see more pictures!

  2. Yay!!! So glad that it is full and final!! So happy for you - I've been praying that everything would go well for you all. Can't wait to be back there next week
    myself - are you in room 706? Looking forward to seeing a photo of your whole family together, and have a safe trip back!!

  3. EEEEEEKKKKK!! This is sooo exciting....I can't believe it is really happening...or happened....it seems like you have been waiting so long!

  4. Oh, this is so WONDERFUL!!! We are so happy for you!!!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing your adoption journey...it has been such an inspiration to my family as we go through this process. We just sent in our USCIS application today and it gives us such hope to see your family in the final stage of this process and know that, in God's time, that will be us some day. Again thank you, and God bless your family as you transition into becoming a family of four.

  6. Your children are beautiful! Congratulations on becoming a family of 4!

  7. G-PAW MichaelNovember 13, 2011

    So thankful for the safe return of you and the children. They are amazing and are so blessed to be in your care and home and I know that the two of you feel equally blessed to have them in you life and now finally in your home. Welcome home Lucy and Jude. Send more pictures soon, can't wait to see all of you as a family.

    God Bless,

    Love, G-PAW Michael