Sunday, November 6, 2011

Orphan is a bad word

Okay, orphan isn't a curse word... but I don't really like that word. It breaks my heart for what it means. Its definition is sketchy, and the reality that there are are anywhere from 143-170 million children in the world that fall into the category, who receive that label is DEVASTATING. I think most people go through life not really givingthe orphan, widow, people in distress and need.... etc a second thought. I think that this is often due to a disconnect. They assume that is a tale of another world, so far and distant. People can't relate to these statistics because they haven't seen it face to face. The truth is, there are orphans right here in America. Its a big world, but God created all of it, and loves each one of us. There are people in need and the Bible doesn't just suggest, or recommend that we "care" to do something about it. It is a command and a huge focus in the word. It is the gospel.

Today is Orphan Sunday. Chances are, if you have a friend who has adopted they've spread the news on facebook, if you went to church this morning you might have heard these staggering statistics, seen photos of sad children and desperate situations. Did this stir your heart? All people are created equal and beautiful in the eyes of the Lord. It is my prayer that the stirring God does in the hearts of many will cause them to further seek Him and His will. Not everyone is called to adopt, but everyone is called to do something. Love as Christ loves. The world is fallen and full of brokenness. I do not believe that it is God's plan for there to be millions of orphans. His command is clear and with all my heart I believe that there can be a real change made in the lives of these precious souls. God might be calling you do adopt, support and adoptive family, sponsor a child, serve in a mission. Listen to what He is asking, be ready to say yes.

Today, on Orphan Sunday I am sitting in the Washington Dulles airport waiting to board a plane. When you are all going to sleep tonight in America we will be landing in Ethiopia and it will be Monday November 7th. We will then be heading to pick up our children, and they will be forever ours... orphans no more. Last year Orphan Sunday was on November 7th. We stood up in front of our church and told of what God was doing in our hearts and how he was taking us on a journey to a child in Ethiopia. One year later, we are packed up with boarding passes in hand... ready for the journey of a lifetime. We leave as two and come home as a family of four. I do not like that my children have been given the label of "orphans" but am forever thankful that God chose US to be their forever family. A privilege, an honor, a blessing... to be entrusted with this little lives.

Pictures to come... as soon as we can! GET EXCITED!

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