Saturday, September 18, 2010

2 days of learning and loving

We are in Boulder right now, I love this place. We spent all day Thursday and Friday in Denver attending the Lutheran Family Services International adoption training class. The class was required by the state and honestly we weren't super excited to go. We thought that it would just continue the repetitiveness of all the other things we have done thus far. It turned out to be very informative and actually fun. We were blessed to spend time with seven other adopting couples; three of them who are also in process with Ethiopia. We also had the privilege of questioning a parent panel who has completed the process and have their children home. Dave said, "It is nice to see that at the end of all the paperwork and process we really do get to parent a child." It was funny and so true, sometimes I feel that the process is so consuming that the travel and child seems so distant. We ARE getting closer each day and falling more in love with what we haven't yet seen. The training will continue and conclude next Saturday. I am already looking forward to hanging out with these wonderful people again.


  1. what a blessed time, and so essential in preparing you- it seems monotonous,but I think you'll look back and be grateful for being so informed- as informed as you can be :) The rest is up to God :) Love you

  2. Hey Stacy -

    Glad you guys enjoyed the training. We felt the same way before going - and the same way after going! It really will end with a beautiful child that is yours.