Tuesday, September 28, 2010

How do all of you moms of toddlers keep your house clean?

I am a nanny. I am experienced in caring for kids, my house is not. Both of the parents in the family I work for were sick with the flu today. Two of the three kids had also gotten sick. So today I brought the youngest, and only one to escape the sickness so far, to my house. He is precious and so full of energy. However, I learned that my house is not as "kid friendly" as I thought.

There will be plenty of time to prepare before our sweet boy comes home, but it was definitely something to consider beginning. It isn't like I have swords in the kitchen corner or broken glass in the family room; but goodness I've got to move some stuff around!

I love my job and will love being a mother but am seriously wondering when one finds time to clean. I guess it would be in the evening (when I'm blogging... but, I cleaned before I even logged on.) Everyone says that kids change EVERY.thing. I will have to work on time management, and pray for beautiful naps.

I can't wait for life to change and my house to transform into a toddler's home.


  1. Clean? Who's supposed to clean when you have kids? :)

  2. I have no time management when it comes to house stuff!