Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Up, down, up, down... whoa!

Roller coasters make me want to puke.
It is still early afternoon and today has already been full of ups and downs. It is my day off, definitely and UP for attempting to make progress with the dossier. I spent the morning with a mom I met at Chipotle a few weeks ago. I introduced myself to her because I was certain that the beautiful little girl with her was Ethiopian... I was right. She also order a veggie bowl, so I of course loved her immediately. Today we got to talk about adoption, Ethiopia, and life over a cup of Ethiopian coffee. I was encouraged by her experience and knowing that this is a journey and in the end, we will have the beginning of a lifetime of parenting the love of our lives.
Downer number one came when I spoke with our caseworker at AGCI about the current estimated wait times. We were told a few months ago that at the completion of our paperwork we'd wait 1-6 months for a referral. We have been planning and anticipating being home as a family in the spring of 2011. Today my world flipped for a minute when she said it is safest to say 12-18 months. WHAT?!?! I am still trying to wrap my mind around it all... and honestly my heart broke a bit. Ethiopia is going to great lengths to investigate abandonment and relinquishment to ensure that all children being adopted are legitimately orphaned. This actually is a good thing... but hard to swallow. I have known from the beginning, and need to be reminded daily that this is God's timeline, He is in control and each step WILL lead us to the child He has chosen to put in our family. We will rejoice in the wait. It just hit me kind of hard at first. God has a lot for us to learn and patience is certainly something we all could use a little more of.
The conversation with our caseworker also had an UP, when she said our homestudy is officially approved. Now it is on the way to be state approved, what a process.
Second DOWN was when I shared my desire to stay in country between court dates and do work with Compassion International. She told me not to, and strongly advised that we are only there for court appearances and then must leave. I asked if I had to return to the US or just leave ET... apparently I can go anywhere as long as I leave. I would like to at least stay in Africa and find another mission to be a part of.
The roller coaster called .LiFe. continues. It is a journey and I am learning to embrace it all. God is at work, we are His hands and feet.
~my prayer today, lead me Lord.


  1. Aah, I can so relate! I also wanted to stay in between visits when we adopted David. I had arranged a wonderful place to stay and was hoping to foster David until we could come home. Many parents did this in Guatemala. But we were told no. I was so upset, but I made it through and used the time well preparing for our pick up trip. And in Colombia, our wait was expected to be 12 months and it ended up being 36!!!! So, yeah, I feel your pain. I know you know this, but God does bring you the right child at the right time, though the waiting is so hard. This process will refine you like nothing else! We'll be praying for you!

  2. beautiful, beautiful journey you are on- I believe the Lord will restore these days apart from your son when he is home. . . that your time with him will be one of healing and bonding like nothing you could ever imagine <3 . . . the road will continue to have ups and downs, but the good news is, it always ends up!